Why Choose Personalized Business Greeting Cards (Part 2)

As we continue forward on our journey… Personalized Business Greeting Cards are a good choice for every business to use because they wont break the bank, can save time and your business resources.

Are Easy On Your Budget…

First of all Business Greeting Cards are a great way to get your message across without a huge investment. They also do not take a large team to manage them when you use the Genuine Touch system. Sending business greeting cards are a very affordable solution for any company even on the tightest of budgets. Don’t believe us? Take a small segment of your contact list such as your top 10 customers and mail them a card. Experience the feedback and response you get from sending them out and we are positive you will be back for more Personalized Business Greeting Cards! To save even more money make sure to purchase multiple cards at a time. We offer quantity discounts so the more you buy of one card the more you save so plan ahead and be sure to upload a large contact list to choose from.

Can Help You Save Time…

Secondly, everyone in Sales & Marketing knows that it takes approximately 5 to 10 exposures to a client before a deal is done. We see businesses too often spending a good deal of time composing email letters or generic follow up letters on company letter head and most customers don’t bother to fully read them. This type of generic formula is not respected or taken seriously anymore.  Send a Greeting Card and stand out in all the clutter! All it takes to send out one of our personalized business greeting cards is a couple minutes to pick out the right card, write a short meaningful personal note, add your signature, address and mail it out. In addition our website boast one of the best contact management database features of any business greeting card website allowing you to keep track of what you have sent to whom.  Our system prevents you from ever sending out the same card or the same graphic to the same recipient.  You can also send out 5, 25, or 100 cards to a group of people with the same ease as sending one card.  Our contact database allows you to put your contacts into as many groups as you wish and allows for unlimited event reminders. Also, just because you are the idea behind your next mailing, executive of a company, etc does not mean that you need to do the work. Anyone can learn our system quickly, setup an account, load your contact list and start sending cards today!

Tune in next week to learn more about why sending personalized business greeting cards really do work and enhance communications with your customers, prospects, vendors, and employees…


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