In order to understand Nurture or Goodwill Marketing you first need to know what goodwill is:

good·will also good will  NOUN:
1.   An attitude of kindness or friendliness; benevolence.
2.   Cheerful acquiescence or willingness.
3    A good relationship, as of a business enterprise with its
customers or a nation with other nations.

Goodwill or Nurture Marketing vs. Traditional Selling & Advertising

I look at the money spent on sales and marketing like this.  Let’s say sales are like keeping a fire going, most retailers will pay for gasoline to throw on the fire (i.e. coupons) which makes the fire glow bright momentarily but it eventually dies back down.  Where as the marketer who wants long term results might spend money on seedlings, water and fertilizer to grow enough wood to keep the fire burning continuously. Or as an analogy, compare medicines that treat the symptoms but don’t address the root cause.

Staying On Top of Mind:

When you communicate with your customers you do not necessarily need to solicit business from them in every communication, they know that you are there and they know that you want their business.
The selling process has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, we have gone from a sellers economy to a buyers economy.  People no longer want to be sold anything.  The information that is available today at your fingertips puts buyers in complete control of what they will buy and where they will buy it.  As a product or service, the most effective way you can sell more product is to educate more people about your product or service so that when “They” are ready to purchase, they think of you.
When you don’t communicate with your customers on a regular basis, you create an environment where they will entertain other offers.  When you communicate in an informative, entertaining and relevant way you keep yourself top of mind.  Expressing gratitude on a continuing basis is the best way to keep the competition at bay.

There are many ways and reasons to contact your customers and prospects on a regular basis, listed below are some examples:

Make Phone Contact Leave a Voicemail
Send Postcard Send Letter
Send Greeting Card Send Marketing Piece
Send Brochure Set Appointment
Make Presentation Exhibit At A Tradeshow
Host A Seminar Conduct a Workshop
Speak At A Conference Send Anniversary Card
Send Holiday Card Send Stay In Touch Card
Send Trying To Reach You Card Send Follow Up To Phone Call Card
Send Follow Up To Meeting Card Send Birthday Card
Send Thank You Card Send Ask For Referral Card
Send Thank You For Referral Card Send E-mail
Send Link To Interesting Web Article Send Out Newsletter
Send Coupon Send Press Release
Send White Paper Send Article
Send Case Study Send Testimonial
Send Book Summary Send Invite To Special Function
Send Invite To Webcast Send Catalog
Send Fax

Here is what we think is very unique about Genuine Touch, Inc. we don’t look at our business as services or products that cost money… rather we look at money spent at the Genuine Touch Website as an investment that pays a guaranteed return. Every dollar spent is an investment that will come back as a higher return in sales, in goodwill, in referrals, etc..


The continuous enhancement of goodwill is not a quick fix to any business sales problem, in fact it’s true effect will not be observed immediately.  Think in terms of those around you that you consider to be nurturing people, they did not get that status overnight, rather it was earned over a period of time.  Your business will also need to earn that status over time.
Commencing a goodwill campaign should best be thought of in terms of a paradigm shift altogether.  If one starts to believe that they should be kind and display gratitude on a daily basis for those that help us in our lives, then they will start to view the world differently.
If you want things to change then you have to start changing the things that you are doing.
Even exhibiting gratitude with prospects can have a profound effect.  For instance in some of your initial contact with the prospect you may send them a Cleverage Cards® this shows the prospect right off the bat that you have gone through some type of effort to contact them as opposed to sending them some automated form (which may never get opened or read to begin with.)  This has the effect of making someone feel that you appreciate their time enough to personalize a card specifically for them.

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