There are a great many resources on the web for sales and marketing information and the detail in which this subject can be researched is unending.  The market that Genuine Touch seeks to help with the information contained here, is the small to midsize companies that typically cannot afford either a marketing department or in some cases a sales department.  Therefore the information arranged here attempts to simplify the concepts and proposed applications into practical and useable information.

In many smaller businesses all of the sales and marketing functions are performed by one or a few individuals.  It is therefore very important that the efforts put forth in sales and marketing results in profitable repeat sales.  We hope that you will come to realize that utilizing the products on this website are critical to that effort.

In today’s economy consumers and businesses have endless choices in where to spend their money.  Unless your business is in a rare niche, chances are that your product or service is ubiquitous.  As consumers we will tend to purchase from people that we trust, who make us feel good and who appreciate our business.  Take any one of these three away and you will severely hamper your ability to continue in business.  The same could be said for ones personal relationships.

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