Getting Started is as Easy as One… Two… Three…

Genuine Touch, Inc. is set up to provide a convenient and organized means for enhancing goodwill and showing you the basic ideas and stock products we offer. However, the sky is the limit and with one simple call, our customer service representatives will gladly guide you along the way. Don’t worry we handle all the work for you and offer FREE Consultation time to get started.

Put On that Thinking Cap

Before you give us a call…. think about the Last 2 weeks and the Next 2 weeks of business. Things such as:

  • What type of meetings did you recently have or are coming up that you can confirm or follow up on?
  • Has someone been avoiding your calls or been too busy to meet with you?
  • Is there anything you can Thank a Customer for or will need to say Thank You for in the near future?
  • Is there an Anniversary or Birthday that you know of that is coming up?

Those are just some examples to help get you started but as you browse our Card Product Categories, look at the designs, read the messages we have you will understand and come up with your own uses as well. Start thinking of them as a sure way to provide that Genuine Touch to your customer or contact network. The more you visit the website, load contacts, use our cards and system the less of your time it will take to purchase. That will leave you with more time to think and react ahead of time so you have the right cards ordered and in hands just waiting to send out immediately after that… Meeting, Appointment, Game of Phone Tag, Upcoming Holiday, and much, much more…

Some Additional Tips…

  • One of the golden rules is to never ever send someone the same card twice. Our system keeps track of the cards that you send out to help insure this does not happen to you….
  • Thank You cards are by far the predominate cards that you will be sending out therefore why we have more thank you cards than anything else…
  • Plan Ahead… the more you can think about what you have coming up the more cards you can purchase in advance and fill out your own personal message. Our system allows for you to have us do the work for you but we strongly recommend from past experience that there is nothing better than a response to a card that is hand written.
  • You can find additional Frequently Asked Questions HERE as well to help when needed.

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