The question really should be why aren’t you using them already?
Personalized Business Greeting Cards are a very unique and personal way to “Touch” your customers, vendors, employees, friends and family! It’s no secret that a Greeting Card Envelope always gets noticed within the clutter….

They Provide A Personal Touch…

No one argues the fact that greeting cards are personal and meaningful. You may find other generic cards out there or those that claim to provide a personal touch. However, other than the ability to write a message in the card they are as generic as they come. You will find that Genuine Touch Personalized Greeting Cards are extremely unique in that 90% of our designs include the Recipient’s Company Name, Contact Name, and the Senders Name on the card. We are a truly personalized product adding to the personal nature of a greeting card. If you think about it, greeting cards in general, have a more traditional feeling and society already knows that they create a sense of warmth and sincerity sent by someone who is close to you. Emails, standard form letters and broadcast emails are all too typical and common in today’s workplace. Personalized Business Greeting Cards help you get noticed out of all the clutter! Adding Greeting Cards into your current marketing Touch strategies will enhance the goodwill building process adding that ever so needed “Personal Touch”.

Are Easy On Your Budget…

First of all Business Greeting Cards are a great way to get your message across without a huge investment. They also do not take a large team to manage them when you use the Genuine Touch system. Sending business greeting cards are a very affordable solution for any company even on the tightest of budgets. Don’t believe us? Take a small segment of your contact list such as your top 10 customers and mail them a card. Experience the feedback and response you get from sending them out and we are positive you will be back for more Personalized Business Greeting Cards! To save even more money make sure to purchase multiple cards at a time. We offer quantity discounts so the more you buy of one card the more you save so plan ahead and be sure to upload a large contact list to choose from.

Can Help Save You Time…

Secondly, everyone in Sales & Marketing knows that it takes approximately 5 to 10 exposures to a client before a deal is done. We see businesses too often spending a good deal of time composing email letters or generic follow up letters on company letter head and most customers don’t bother to fully read them. This type of generic formula is not respected or taken seriously anymore.  Send a Greeting Card and stand out in all the clutter! All it takes to send out one of our personalized business greeting cards is a couple minutes to pick out the right card, write a short meaningful personal note, add your signature, address and mail it out. In addition our website boast one of the best contact management database features of any business greeting card website allowing you to keep track of what you have sent to whom.  Our system prevents you from ever sending out the same card or the same graphic to the same recipient.  You can also send out 5, 25, or 100 cards to a group of people with the same ease as sending one card.  Our contact database allows you to put your contacts into as many groups as you wish and allows for unlimited event reminders. Also, just because you are the idea behind your next mailing, executive of a company, etc does not mean that you need to do the work. Anyone can learn our system quickly, setup an account, load your contact list and start sending cards today!

They Really Do Work…

All of us in Marketing know that as business around us continues to get more and more competitive, the sure way to increase sales is to find innovative ways to rise above the crowd and “Touch” your customers in meaningful ways. Prospects get annoyed with an uninvited visit, cold call or plain junk mail (spam or snail). Get noticed by sending one of our unique personalized business greeting cards that have creative designs and allow you to choose between a formal, semi-formal or humorous approach. The most important thing is that your message will get noticed in all the clutter.  Another Benefit is your recipient will not throw away your correspondence because it is personalized with their name on it.?? How do we know they really work? Our Founder Chris Metz has used this method for years and you can find out more about him and his story here! We also have current customers who have had nothing but success using our cards that you can read here…

Enhance Communications…

Business Greeting Cards provide ways for you to communicate in a more meaningful way and the best part about it is you do not have to do any of the creative work if you use Genuine Touch, Inc…. Business Greeting Cards allow you to say things that typically do not come up in a phone call or face to face situation either because they are too forward or may be inappropriate. On the flip side, through a creative card that already has your recipients attention you can convey many different types of messages. Since the front of our business sales cards have your recipients name as part of the card, you are guaranteed to get your recipients attention with your inside personal message. Nine times out of Ten when a recipient receives one of our cards they pick up the phone and give you a call. Right there alone is staying on top of their mind and creating another point of communication with them that you most likely would not have had without sending a card.

One Last Reason…

If none of the preceding reasons give you motivation to send out personalized business greeting cards then consider at least this one …to say thank you… Apathy is the number one reason customers cite for taking their business elsewhere.  What does Apathy mean you ask?  1. Lack of enthusiasm or energy – lack of interest in anything, or the absence of any wish to do anything.  2. Emotional emptiness – inability to feel normal or passionate human feelings or to respond emotionally.
Not thanking your customers on a regular basis is an exercise in apathy.  Yet you can use this fact to your advantage by being much more passionate about your customer’s business… more so than your competition.  The more you treat your customers like they are special and show them how much you appreciate them, the more likely they are to continue doing business with you.  Utilizing Genuine Touch personalized business thank you cards will ensure your customers know just how much you appreciate them.  You will witness it yourself the next time that you visit your customer and see your card proudly displayed on their desk or hung on their wall.  They tend to be the only cards that a recipient will share with other people in their office and save for a long, long time…
It is interesting that a phone call, an email or a visit can be looked upon as an intrusion on someone’s time, whereas a customized personal business greeting card with a personal note will not.  In many cases the recipient of a Genuine Touch greeting card will actually call the sender to say thank you.  Enhancing goodwill makes people want to help.  Whether that help is in the form of new business, a referral or a better response from a vendor, it all helps to grow your business.

Common Uses for Business Greeting Cards…

Just the other day we stumbled upon this article about the current state of the greeting card industry. If you happen to take the time to read it or not there is one statement that really stood out and is the basis of what we have been preaching to companies and individuals for years…

“Once a staple of birthdays and holidays, paper greeting cards are fewer and farther between — now seen as something special, instead of something that’s required.” By Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press

This is exactly why you should be sending out cards these days because they are special and get noticed in the daily clutter! However, don’t be fooled by  those other generic brands out there. With the perfect marketing enhancement already in your hands why not take it that extra step by sending a Greeting Card that is truly Unique, Personalized for each specific individual, and many different designs to choose from that are Guaranteed to Captures their Attention!

Here are some ways you can use greeting cards to help your business grow:

– Reach out to your top customers so they know you appreciate and care about them!

– Stay in contact so you stay on top of their mind and keep the competition away!

– Referrals from current customers is as good as handing you gold!

– Follow Up after a Great Meeting!

– Recognize your Employees!

– Build customer relations and increase customer retention as you can never say Thank You enough!

There are many many more uses for business greeting cards. Just continue browsing our website to find out more or our different categories of cards below that we know will help enhance your current Sales & Marketing Strategies:
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Please keep in mind that we consistently add new business greeting cards, content and other products on a weekly basis. If you do not find what you are looking for today let us know about it or check out our custom card options so we can develop cards that fit your needs.