When thinking about a business greeting card program that will help you make contact or keep in touch with your customers the key is to find that unique piece that will set you apart from the competition. We are 100% sure that using our cards will grab your recipients attention but what is that special something that will keep their attention.

“Personalized Business Greeting Cards are a very unique and personal way to “Touch” your customers, vendors, employees, friends and family! It’s no secret that a Greeting Card Envelope always gets noticed within the clutter…?”

Take a look at the below list of ideas and ways that will help you get more our of your making contact or keeping in touch sales & marketing strategies. We know if you put your thinking cap on and use our unique business greeting cards to enhance your contact efforts you will be rewarded with an increase in business and customer goodwill.


Step Up to the Challenge….

Playing phone tag or just finding it hard to make the sale? This is a good situation to use a business greeting card program to help get your customers or prospects to pick up the phone, setup that appointment or remember to place their order.


Humor Helps Break the Tension….

While a lot of businesses these days are caught up in trying to be very formal and project a high class image we have found that this also creates a lot of tension. The truth of the matter is that everyone likes a laugh every once and a while and this type of contact program might just be what your company needs. Just because 95% of your business is geared more towards the formal side of things does not mean you cannot take the other 5% and have a little fun. We have plenty of customers who have tried a humorous business card program and have received amazing response rates!


Sometimes Persistence is What you Need….

Often times you are not the only one knocking on the door, making phone calls or blasting out emails to your recipients. In this situation being persistent and following up with a business greeting card will help make you stand out from the competition and snag that new customer you have been working so hard to get!


Don’t Forget to Look Ahead….

When it comes to a making contact or keeping in touch greeting card program planning ahead is even more important. You want to make sure you setup a certain cycle or contact strategy so you can remain consistent and achieve positive results. You also want to be sure you are not over doing it by sending out too many cards too often, as the unique business greeting card strategy will lose its luster.


We Keep Track of the Information For You….

Our system will keep track of which card you sent and who you sent it to! There is no need to worry about sending the same card to the same person more than once!


The Sky is the Limit….

While we have given you a few ideas and ways to use Making Contact and Keeping In Touch Business Greeting Cards to your business advantage the ones that work the best are those, which are unique! We hope you get started in our footsteps and start implementing the uses for greeting card into your marketing programs. However, we you to excel in your industry and if you do not see a business greeting card on our site that is right for you there is always the option of going the custom route. Click here to learn more about Custom Greeting Card Options.


Ready to Get Started? Take a look at our line of Personalized Business Keeping In Touch Greeting Cards Today!