Most of your big Holidays are when everyone thinks about sending greeting cards and you’re flooded with them. While you do not want to ignore the big ones because you do not want to be outdone by your competition, it’s the smaller holidays when you can really put a good mailing together and stand out!

“The basis of Goodwill is found in all Holiday’s when you take into consideration the feelings, effort, and pride behind them.”

Take a look at the below list of ideas and ways that will help you take advantage of the Holiday’s with a business greeting card program of your own!


They Key is to Stand Out at the End of the Year….

Keep in mind while shopping around for business greeting cards that they are a dime a dozen. What makes Genuine Touch Cards different from the rest is that they are personalized with the recipients name and company name in most cases. People LOVE to see their name in lights and our cards are sure to be passed around the office vs. tossed in a pile.


Don’t Forget the Little Ones….

Remember the key to getting noticed in today’s business world is to stand out of the crowd. When was the last time you received or heard of someone sending a Halloween Card? It is the little holiday’s like this that if spun the right direction could really help you get a leg up on the competition! Halloween is not the only example either… Click Here for great Holiday Card Mailing Ideas!

Why Waste Your Staff’s Time….

With the Genuine Touch contact system your ordering process is simple. Just upload your mailing list, select which card you want to purchase, fill in the customizations and we take care of the rest for you! No need for your office assistant to fill out each and every card for you this year.


Don’t Forget to Look Ahead….

The holidays always seem to creep and catch us by surprise as we are constantly trying to stay on track. With holiday greeting card programs you need to be sure and plan ahead like any other marketing strategy you are working on.


The Sky is the Limit….

While we have given you a few ideas and ways to use Meeting Follow Up Business Greeting Cards to your business advantage the ones that work the best are those, which are unique! We hope you get started in our footsteps and start implementing the uses for greeting card into your marketing programs. However, we you to excel in your industry and if you do not see a business greeting card on our site that is right for you there is always the option of going the custom route. Click here to learn more about Custom Greeting Card Options.


Ready to Get Started? Take a look at our line of Personalized Business Holiday Greeting Cards Today!