Since you already know that Birthday’s and Anniversaries are the two most obvious ways to reach out with a greeting card then why aren’t you already? We know that the pace of business today and life in general for most people does not allow enough time out of their daily routine to acknowledge times like this. However, they are just as important as that big order or getting that next presentation completed. You will be amazed at the type of response you will get from customers when you send them one of our business greeting cards that is personalized with their name or company name on it. We can’t tell you how many times we have not heard from a customer in a while and sent one of these cards and gained an order or received a meeting invite out of it.

“Is Facebook really the ideal way for you to acknowledge a close friend or even a business acquaintance?”

We hope you have not or do not fall into this new way our society has deemed acceptable! Instead take a look at the below list of ideas and ways that will help you take advantage of your Business Birthday’s and Anniversaries! We know this is a much more effective way to do business and you will feel better about the impression your company is making!


What is an Anniversary????

Don’t get caught up in thinking that it is all about your company. Remember it is the customer who is important! When putting thought into an anniversary program think about:

  • the first time you met your contact!
  • their first order!
  • better yet their first BIG order!
  • the first time you partnered up on an even bigger job together!
  • and many other opportune times like these!

It is moments like these that stand out but are most often forgotten during the daily grind where a business greeting card can have the most impact. Reminding customers of these special times are truly unique and insure they know you really do care about their business.


Isn’t it Corny to Send a Customer Birthday Card????

That is exactly the point! What better way to completely stop your customer in their tracks and think about your business/brand than catching them by surprise. Not to mention that today most points of contact are a sales pitch, advertisement or looking for some type of feedback when your business birthday card is just about the recipient.

Not Just for Customers….

Looking to snag that open position and move up the ladder? By using a creative and meaningful message inside a birthday card could be the extra edge you need!


We Keep Track of the Information For You….

Our system allows you to enter your contacts birthday so you have only one place to look! Also, once you register on our website you gain access to our event reminder system that you can use to your advantage. Load your all of your special occasions and never have to remember a single date again!


Don’t Forget to Look Ahead….

Birthday’s and Anniversaries always seem to creep and catch us by surprise as we are constantly focused on other things. When considering a birthday or anniversary greeting card program you need to be sure and set aside time each month to look ahead and see what important dates are coming up.


The Sky is the Limit….

While we have given you a few ideas and ways to use Birthday and Anniversary Greeting Cards to your business advantage the ones that work the best are those which are unique! We hope you get started in our footsteps and start implementing the uses for greeting card into your marketing programs. However, we you to excel in your industry and if you do not see a business greeting card on our site that is right for you there is always the option of going the custom route. Click here to learn more about Custom Greeting Card Options.


Ready to Get Started? Take a look at our line of Birthday or Anniversary Personalized Business Greeting Cards Today!