Creating a Personalized Business Card Program is easier than most would think. The key is to just answer the question we all have been asking since we learned to speak…. WHY? Why setup card program(s) you ask? Well that is simple…

Business Greeting Cards are almost guaranteed to grab the attention of the recipient and get noticed within all of that clutter or junk mail. Also, there is nothing more prosperous in today’s business world than showing your appreciation and gratitude. This type of good will marketing is almost extinct when you think about it and our answer is to take advantage of that void. Growing up my Mother had cut out a small clip of a newspaper and it was pinned to a bulletin board that hung by our backdoor, it said this and nothing more:

“If you are not happy with what you have now, you will never be happier with more!”

The same concept applies to appreciating the business you receive from your customers.  If you don’t appreciate your current customers, you’ll never appreciate having more.  We have seen far too many businesses that do not show their appreciation to their current customers, and sooner or later they lose them to a competitor who does.

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Thank You Card Programs….

You can’t say Thank You enough!  In the process of building business or consumer relationships there is nothing more important than saying thank you!  Showing appreciation is a incredibly effective sales and marketing tool and one of the easiest and least expensive ways to build goodwill.  If you do not like any of our other ideas for using business greeting cards this is one you should NOT ignore and will give you the most bang for your buck!

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Thank You for Referral Card Programs….

Many types of businesses rely on referrals to grow their business so why not create a card program around them! When you don’t acknowledge someone and Thank them for their kindness then why should they continue to refer you, your product or your company in the future?  Let them know how much you appreciate their referral so they go out of their way to refer you again.

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Prospecting or Soliciting Card Programs….

How many times as you call a new Prospect or Solicit Business have you experienced this? … “I’ve left 4 or 5 messages and they haven’t called me back.  They just don’t want to talk to me.  ‘Left voice mail message’ is probably the most repeated status line in a CRM database.  The reality is, you need to reach out to them or you’ll never know! So why not try a new method of contacting them by using business greeting cards!

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Making Contact & Keeping in Touch Card Programs….

Once you have determined a viable prospect the next step is familiarizing them with your product or service.  This does not necessarily mean calling them immediately to try and set up an appointment or get a commitment from them, what it does mean is making sure that they are familiar with who you are and that they know what your product or service is. Business Greeting Cards are a unique alternative and we have outlined some perfect ways to use them!

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Holiday Card Programs….

There is no better time to get back into your customers and prospects minds than around Holidays!  Plus the basis of Goodwill is found in all Holidays when you take into consideration the feelings, effort, and pride, behind them. We have put together some great information on how to use an unique business greeting card program and blow your competition out of the water by being the talk of the office vs. that card tossed in a pile!

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Meeting Follow Up Card Programs….

Most people Follow Up to a Meeting by simply sending an email. However, think about the impact following up with a Business Greeting Card would have with your own personal message written inside? If you want to get more out of your own staff, customers or other service companies that you deal with on a day to day basis this type of program is for you!

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Recognition Card Programs….

Have you ever thought about how to get more out of your own staff, customers or other service companies that you deal with on a day to day basis? Why not Recognize them by sending them a business greeting card. You will be amazed at what this type of program will do for your staff moral as well as people being more productive when they receive a card from the boss with a meaningful message inside.

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Business Birthday & Anniversary Card Programs….

Two of the most obvious ways to reach out to a customer (any individual for that matter)! Both allow you to keep them thinking about your business instead of your competitors by just saying hello or remember their Birthday or Anniversary. The hardest part about a birthday or anniversary greeting card program is keeping track of all the special dates. Well look no further we have the solutions for you!

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Custom Greeting Card Options….

Creating a Custom Greeting Card program is something that we can help you with. Whether it is a program that caters to your business model, an addition to a current marketing strategy, or to enhance your sales efforts, or you are looking for help with all of the above… At Genuine Touch, Inc. we strive to create that custom greeting card program that best fit your needs.

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Don’t Forget Our Business Greeting Cards are like no other out there! They are a Truly Personalized “Touch” Product and there is nothing greater than when a person can see their name in lights!
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