The question of why to choose Genuine Touch, Inc. for me is simple. Good Will Marketing practices are rarely used in today’s superficial world. Those who choose to embrace this method will clearly stand out in the crowd and be rewarded by a more robust business relationship.

Here is why I say that…

Back about seven years ago when business was pretty tough in my industry I started making sure that every contact that I had with a customer or prospect was acknowledged with a sincere appreciation for their consideration.  To help with this Good Will Marketing Program I had personally sent out hundreds of Personalized Business Greeting Cards that I believe helped my business tremendously.  The cards that I originally produced were all very unique in that they were personalized to the recipient.  This personalization immediately got their attention leading them to read the inside message with a great deal of interest.  I also included my logo, company name, and business card if it was a new prospect.  However, the most important part of the card was the sincere personal message I had written inside the card.  This note was well thought out and typically used up all available white space in the card.  From the readers perspective it was obvious that my message was sincere and took effort to write.  There can be no shortcut to sincerity, a personal ” Genuine Touch” takes time and effort.

No one argues the fact that greeting cards are personal and meaningful.  Other generic card websites may provide many cards but other than the ability to write a message in the card they are as generic as they come.  There are also websites in which to create your own complete card however most people do not possess the creativity required to start from scratch and only about two percent of the population has the capacity to create a humorous card.  Fortunately I have found this type of creative ability to be one of the gifts I have been blessed with in life.  For those who are not blessed with this ability these business greeting cards allow you to be funny, inspirational, witty, and formal without having to come up with the ideas yourself.

Genuine Touch, Inc. is specifically geared towards the business world.  It was my desire to express gratitude and sincerity that hatched the idea.  I am a firm believer that if you fail to fully appreciate everyone in your life that supports you then you really shouldn’t expect further support, or stated in pure business terms:

“If you don’t appreciate the customers you have now then why
do you deserve to have more?”

I have been very fortunate and successful implementing “Goodwill Marketing” utilizing Personalized Business Greeting Cards.  In my gratitude I have launched this business in order to pay it forward and help others who are struggling.  While the product line is limited at start up, we are adding new designs weekly and have plans to expand into calendars, post cards, posters, mugs, and much more…

I hope that you dive into the website further, indulge in our sales & marketing information, learn about how our system works, and come up with a Good Will Marketing plan using our line of Personalized Business Greeting Cards.  A single card written with a sincere message is all it takes to understand the impact and power they have to help enhance your relationships.  The increase in sales will follow naturally as your customers begin to understand how much you appreciate their business.  Thank you for reading to this point.  Above all I encourage you to you strengthen your relationships in world that has forgotten how important they are.


Chris W. Metz
Owner & Founder