For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Will I See a Sample/Proof Before Mailing?

Normally we do not provide a sample/proof if you have purchased one of our cards online. We feel the personalized customization process is pretty basic and easy to follow. However, if we feel that something needs clarification (such as a perceived typo, low logo resolution, etc) we will contact you or email a sample/proof for review before mailing. However, you may ask for a email proof in the comments box on the last page of the checkout and we are happy to email one at no charge. One suggestion would be to please be sure to enter your information carefully and review before placing the order. All copy is set exactly as you have entered it.

Why choose Genuine Touch Business Greeting Cards vs. the competition?

90% of the competition out there has your typical boring greeting card product. With Genuine Touch Personalized Business Greeting Cards you get just that… a Personalized Card! 95% of our designs have the recipients name on them which truly sets our Greeting Cards apart from the competition. Add to that the senders name or both company names depending on the design and we just add to the personal touch.

How much are the cards?

On each product detail page there is a link in the Purchase Options area for Quantity Pricing List. When you hover over it the quantity pricing of the card is displayed. In general our Generic Cards start at $5.25, Semi-Custom start at $5.30, and Custom Cards start at $5.40.

What is so Unique about your Product?

There is nothing better than a more personal touch to boring every day business! With our Personalized Business Greeting Cards you have to realize that there is something special about seeing your name in “Lights”. It is the recipients attention you are trying to get and with our unique designs and messages you get that attention. Now that you have it why not do something to insure more business with them or make that long lasting impression with a personal inside message.

If I send all the cards to myself is postage included?

Unfortunately no, we do not include the individual postage for each and every one of your cards if you are sending them out yourself. Postage for an order like this only includes the cost to ship the product to you. However, if you need a custom solution please contact us here.

Do envelopes come with my purchase?

Yes! Every Personalized Business Greeting Card purchase is also is accompanied by an envelope. However, if you do not select to send the card directly to the recipient the envelope is not imprinted. This is so that when you receive the cards you can personally fill them out to complete that personal touch.

What is the Card Quality & Size?

Our Cards are produced from the latest print technologies with a high quality card stock that consists of glossy front and matte inside finish for ease of writing your personal message on it. All cards are 5″ x 7″ and we are Proud to be 100% Made in America Product!

Want a Custom Designed Card just for your Company?

If you wish to have a custom designed card put together for your company or wish to customize one of or other designs to make it your own you, Click Here to find out more information.

Looking to order a Large Quantity?

Please contact us here if you are looking to order a large quantity and want bypass the online store process and loading of contacts.

Why does it appear that there are duplicate cards on the website?

This is a common misconception as we have multiple designs/artwork which have different messages as well as areas to be personalized. Be sure to look at each personalized greeting card and determine the the type of sender, recipient, and message is right for your purpose.

Will my inside message be printed on the greeting card in Purple?

No, the purple is just to display the area or space where you can add your own personal message and logo to the greeting card. If you choose for us to imprint a message on the card for you as part of the customization process it will be printed in black and your logo will be printed in whatever color the file is provided to us when uploaded.

How do I save on the Shipping of my Greeting Cards?

The best way to utilize our website and keep your cost as low as possible is to plan ahead. We recommend that you purchase multiple Personalize Business Greeting Cards at a time and have them delivered directly to you. This way you can hand write your own personal message, fill out the envelope, and even stuff the envelope with an extra flyer or promotion.