Genuine Touch Inc. was founded with the purpose of helping businesses and people be successful in their sales and marketing efforts.  We accomplish this by providing a wealth of sales and marketing information and by helping people enhance goodwill through ingenuity.  Our belief is that if you are successful then we will be successful.

Billions of dollars are spent every year in the pursuit of finding and keeping customers, yet there seems to be very little emphasis on acknowledging the individual customer.

As consumers we do business with people that we like, those who acknowledge and appreciate us as individuals.   Perhaps most importantly we patronize the establishments that appreciate our business and make us feel special.

In Today’s Hectic World….

People are continually bombarded with marketing messages and advertisements during the course of the day.  If you expect to get someone’s attention then you had better do something different. Genuine Touch, Inc. provides that something different.  As the company name implies, we endeavor to help you touch your customers, colleagues, prospects and employees in a meaningful, ingenious and genuine manner.  We believe that every person wants to be acknowledged and appreciated for what and who they are.


It is our goal to provide the necessary resources to enhance the goodwill with those around you and to teach you the value of appreciation.  Appreciation is not something that you can fake for very long.  If you don’t appreciate the customers/clients that you have now why should you deserve more?  The same can be said of all those people that help us to be successful on a daily basis, i.e. employees, suppliers, subcontractors, referral sources, family members, etc..

Thank You…

For stopping here and taking the time to read to this point, please know that while making money is not a bad thing, it is also equally rewarding to help someone else be more successful in their life.  May you benefit and be more successful as a result of having been here.

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