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Why Send Business Greeting Cards?

The question should be why aren't you using them already? Personalized Business Greeting Cards are a very unique and personal way to "Touch" your customers, vendors, employees, friends and family! It's NO Secret that a Greeting Card Envelope is always noticed within the clutter... Click Here to Learn More >>

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Genuine Touch, Incorporated® is a resource business devoted to helping companies grow their sales and increase customer goodwill. Genuine Touch® will accomplish this task by providing it’s customers with unique VDP (variable data publishing) personalized marketing materials or as we call them “Touch” items, as well as a process for implementing time sequenced communications.

Our Business Greeting Cards can be personalized to include the recipients name, company name, along with your name, which creates a greater impact and a truly unique greeting card. We have cards for just about every occasion, range from Humorous/Funny to Formal with card topics such as:

Keeping In Touch Cards Thank you for Referral Cards Employee Recognition Cards
Soliciting Cards Meeting Follow Up Cards Business Birthday Cards
Prospecting Cards Apology Cards Holiday Cards
Thank You Cards Customer Recognition Cards Thanksgiving Cards
Business Greeting cards Custom Business Greeting Cards Christmas Cards

If you want to learn more About Us or happen to get confused along the way you can visit the How Our System Works page for more details. We also offer Training Videos that walk you through many different aspects of our website as well Card Programs that will provide you with ideas on where to start using Business Greeting Cards. Last but not least, if you still need help one of our customer service representatives is just an email (info@genuinetouch.com) or phone call away (815-528-4598).

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